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Elsa Bloodstone
16 April 2009 @ 11:23 pm
The first five or so are specifically about the Good Ole Days (personal history, before getting to the City, and Nextwave nonsense). From there until 20 are about being a hot, violent British chick. Up until 25 are specifically about The City, and then the last few are sort of... Her worldview, I guess.

Why is this so huge dear god, what am I.

And 'thank you' to anyone who's suggest one of these. ♥

It's fitting, alright. Don't argue with me on this.Collapse )


Elsa Bloodstone
28 February 2009 @ 11:39 am
For any of the City's psychics or illusionsists;

Elsa's fears are as follows:

It is very, very, very difficult to scare Elsa with anything tangible. In the physical world, she is pretty much unshakable. The only times something real could scare her would be real would be immediate, mortal danger. And even that fear exists only in the moment. For all her distaste about being immortal, she has absolutely no desire to die currently. So when the end of her existence looks like a certainty, she will actually feel a bit worried. Examples include a pistol to the temple, held by an unstable person; or five tons of bricks dropping towards her at great height. Even these moments of weakness pass quickly as she evaluates the situation and takes corrective action. Again; these are fairly insubstantial and no fun for a proper mindfuck.

For all her grudge against the man, Elsa is afraid that she will not be able to live up to his standards, his legacy, or his name.

In an issue of Nextwave, the team fights a villain called Forbush Man, who kills his enemies by showing them illusions of the worst alternate lives they could have. These range from the tragic, the ridiculous, and the just plain dull. Elsa's vision was of herself hundreds of years in the future: humanity is almost extinct and she is Britain's last inhabitant, apart from the monsters who caused the disaster. She wanders the isles, slaughtering every creature she can - utterly alone and aware of slowly becoming more like her prey.

A powerful illusionist would recreate this, or some version of it. A similar happening in North America, for instance. For a psychic who can transform into something physical (i.e. Trauma) this would most likely manifest as Forbush Man himself, gloating about how he was right.
Elsa Bloodstone
01 February 2009 @ 03:19 pm
 ✖ Personality

    A capable and confident individual, Elsa can take care of herself in pretty much any situation and knows it. She is something of a perfectionist, a trait instilled by her father. This means that she expects the same level of competency from everyone else, and is often disappointed. She spends most of her time either aggravated or amused by the antics of those around her. She has little patience or stupidity, but can sometimes be endeared by silliness. The flat-out stupid, she has no time for. She takes great joy in wanton destruction, especially if it involved explosions. She'll try to do you the courtesy of hiding it, and might not always succeed.


✖ Motivation

    Elsa wants, above all, to be left the bloody hell alone. She actually quite enjoys company and is fairly social, but she doesn't really care about the sad state of affairs. So long as she has tea and the occasional swig of Bailey's, she's content. The only reason she does anything to help around the City is force of habit and the innate desire to see things blow up.

Elsa Bloodstone
01 February 2009 @ 03:16 pm
Canon History
Elsa Bloodstone was born at some point in the twentieth century. Her father raised her and trained her to fight the supernatural, something that he'd been doing for thousands of years. He was the possessor of the Bloodstone, the artifact from which he took his name. She states at one point that he was one of the first humans. There was little love lost between the two, as she somewhat resents her training. No small wonder, see as he threw her into a pit with a monster in it when she was a few days old. Most of her training bordered on abusive, but she doesn't dwell on it. Well, except when Monica is being an ass.

Monica Rambeau led the Nextwave Squad, a superteam that Elsa was drafted onto. The team was funded by H.A.T.E., an anti-terrorism group, and the most visible commander was one Dirk Anger. He got his orders from higher up, but aside from the the cells of S.I.L.E.N.T., these higher-ups are never seen. The Squad itself was something of a squabbling mess, as nobody really respected about the others or cared whether they lived. Things only got worse when Tabbitha Smith aka Boom Boom aka Meltdown aka Time Bomb aka Boomer aka Tabby stole a document revealing the terrorist group S.I.L.E.N.T. to be funding H.A.T.E. The team absconded with a magic science plane, saved America a few times, and eventually landed themselves an invisible floating island.

There was also a time long ago when she worked with Tony Stark to save Las Vegas, but that was during her blond period and she doesn't want to talk about it.

Cape & Cowl History
While life aboard State 51 was a delightfully calm change of pace, for Elsa it was not to last. Brought abruptly to the magical land of The City, she found herself once more among the writing masses of the superpowered. Not one to crumble, she dubbed herself 'Madame Sparta' at Iron Man's insistence and moved into the M.A.C. She quickly found work at a local taxi service, and has been terrifying pedestrians since.
Elsa Bloodstone
06 October 2008 @ 02:10 pm

NAME: Zero
JOURNAL: expletives
IM: AIM = munchredpetals
E-MAIL: slothful_samoyed@hotmail.com

CHARACTER NAME: Elsa Bloodstone
FANDOM: Marvel general; specifically, Nextwave.

BACKGROUND: Elsa was mostly raised by her father, with whom she has a somewhat turbulent relationship. Mostly in that she was sick and tired of his training methods and would really like him to stop. When she reached eighteen her father died mysteriously, leaving her with the Bloodstone from which he had taken his name, and granting her ridiculously long life. Having decided that following her fathers footsteps and killing monsters for a living was more exciting than just hanging about, which was fine for a while. After taking up heroing in North America, she was approached but Dirk Anger with an invitation to join the Nextwave squad. She cautiously accepted and hasn't really been the same since.
POWER: Near-immortality and being very, very badass. Expert with guns of all sorts and weapons of all sorts, better agility and very, very limited healing factor. Oh, and kung fu. British kung fu.
CLASS: Hero, though not exceptionally apt at it.
ALTER EGO: Elsa Bloodstone

FIRST PERSON: I can't believe this. One day, one day the Squad's been broken up and instead of a little time to rest, I find myself in another dimension. I've yet to investigate all the similarities, but at least a few things are the same: New York stinks to high heaven, you can't find good tea in America, and Tony Stark is a righteous bastard.

I'll have to check this apartment he talked about, and see if I can get to the Bloodstone Manor in Boston. Perhaps I can find some of my old, harder-to-find-in-a-corner-store supplies down there. Preferably not the ones that bring about the apocalypse after use, but I'll take what I can get.

THIRD PERSON: Elsa stopped fiddling with the communicator on her wrist, biting hard on her lower lip. Technology had never really been her strong point. Give her a magic artifact over the internet any day, and she'd find a way to make it twice as useful.

She patted her hips absently,  too used to the numerous guns and knives that would normally hang off her belt. She didn't even have the set of derringers in her duster. Well, she had a credit card of some kind in her wallet, and if storekeepers wouldn't take that then they'd take a few threats. This was America, for god's sake. There've got to be some easy to obtain guns around. She's just have to sniff around for a bit, that's all.

And after that, she could relax with her new babies and a tall mug of Orange Pekoe in that new apartment. 

She tried not to think ahead as far as redecorating would go. Not very heroish.